House Arrest

There’s nothing more I’ve wanted lately than to spend the entire weekend at home. Lately, it’s been too hot to stay home, or someone I know has a crisis, or there’s a concert, or we’re out of eggs or something. Something always pulls me away from home and I’m ready for a break. So, this weekend I’m placing myself under house arrest! When I get home this evening, that’s it, I’m there for the weekend. No bars – I’ve got vodka. No shows – I feel bad because FT has a show but I’m not going to go. No trips to the grocery – we have plenty of food.


I’m just going to be still. I’m going to knit and watch Sex and The City. Can I really sew two dresses, two pairs of pants, a hoodie, and a western shirt in two days? We’ll see. I’m going to hang out with HJ and play scrabble.


I’m so excited. I can’t wait. Just 4 hours till the end of the workday, a quick trip to the fabric store, and quicker one to the grocery and then I’m home.


I may even make HJ hide my keys.


And if you were wondering, I can go into the yard… I just can’t leave the premises. Even real prisoners get exercise periods

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