Almost Made It!

I swung through JoAnn’s Friday after work. For $45 or so I got two dresses, two pairs of shorts, three patterns, two zippers and a spool of thread it turns out I didn’t need. Not a bad haul.

Went home, got all the new fabric in the washer, ate some dinner and played some video games.

Along about 9pm I got to work and by about 10:30 I had my new white shortie hoodie done. Now I have something to wear with my new blue jersey dress I finished a week or two ago.

Saturday morning was for the creation of a pair of khaki shorts that I think turned out quite well. My time on these is decreasing each attempt. The black ones took around 5 hours, these took around three. I drew all over them with water marker and tailor’s chalk so I have to wash them before they can be worn.  I also began work on my new brown jersey wrap dress. I knocked off later in the evening for a dinner of hot dogs and to watch Word Wars with J. It’s the documentary about competitive scrabble players. Good times.

Sunday was ridiculously hot. But I managed to finish the brown jersey wrap dress – it’s beautiful and SO comfortable. I began its twin in Magenta with green trim but soon the heat was just too much to bear. I wound up lying on the bed while J tried to convince me to leave the house for dinner. I succumbed when he said we could go to the Russell Street Barbeque. He said I deserved time off for good behavior.

Coming home on the freeway, we saw something that looked like Mt. St. Helens erupting. It was from that general direction. Turns out, Mt. Adams is on fire and the smoke just looks like an ash plume. I’ve been watching a lot of shows on PBS about volcanoes lately and they kind of spook me. Just the sound of the phrase “polyclastic flow” is scary (it moves really really really fast and burns everything in its wake).

I was pretty much done by the time we got home. I took a quick nap, then made myself a vodka and soda and watch the ending of Sex And The City. Then the weekend was over. I think I’m going to attempt to lock myself in at least once a month. All that time at home was really nice.

This morning, it was 83 degrees in my house. It was like the house sucked up all the heat and hung on to it for dear life. I couldn’t sleep very well; I was sticky and sweaty all night. Finally at 5:15 I got up, excited to go to the gym because they have air conditioning.


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