New Rules, New Game

Friday night we went to the Rose Garden’s Theater of the Clouds for the inagural game of the 3BA. That would be the professional, full court, three on three basketball league. It works just like regular basketball, except the court is a little smaller, the three point line is a little closer to the basket, and all three of your guys have to be on the same side of the court if you want your basket to count.

The teams don’t have names yet, so the Portland Portland took on the Seattle Seattle. I”m offering up the names: The Portland Hipsters, The Portland White Belts, The Portland Dudes with Rifles, and The PDX Bitches (we’ll make you ours). The game was crazy fast paced and when it was all done, we lost to Seattle 165-155.

My vote for MVP goes the number 10, Freddie Strickland (aka Tricky Stricky, also a nickname of our invention). He was quite good. And his socks were kinda tall.

The entertainment for the time outs and period breaks was quite nice. Your standard basketball dancers, there was a dribbing champion, a free throw shoot-out (dude from Tigard won), and the dunking ushers. Five guys who used the trampoline and crash mat the Blazers mascot uses who flew through the air, did flips, and made slam dunks. They were amazing.

The 3BA has its own blimp, which was dropping $50 gas cards (boy we ALL wanted one of those). Some woman sat in front of us 1/2 through the second half and she caught a basketball (she wasn’t supposed to be there!) which she gave to her son. Then, she caught a T-shirt (she wasn’t supposed to be there!!) and gave IT to her son. Then the really really annoying guys behind us (I don’t think they could help it… but DAMN I wanted to hit him) caught a shirt too. So I got hosed about 4 times on the prize front.

All in all, it was a really fun time. Tne next game in the PNW is in August at the Key Arena in Seattle, we won’t be heading up for that one. I hope it catches on. I even said I’d buy season tickets next summer…

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