Jane 1, Nordstrom 0

My friend Mary has great lipstick. The name is Jezebel, which is perfect. The color suits her really well too. When we were in Ballard a few weeks back I asked her if she’d help me pick out an awesome color for myself. I work in the mall, she needed to go shopping, so the next week we met in front of Nordstrom’s to do some damage.

Mary took me to the Lancome counter and a gal helped us out. We picked out the perfect color, a reddy purple called “Edgy.” Also in the running: Rebel. The gal looked and looked and couldn’t find my color in the drawers. She said she’d make some calls and track one down for me. Awesome. I paid for my lip liner and said I’d talk to her next week.

I thought about just going to Macy’s and seeing if they had one. But the gal had been really nice and I wanted her to have the commission. So I decided to wait.

Monday I go back to the store and she hasn’t been able to find one. So, we order one. She looks in the computer and the Nordstrom in Tigard has a bunch. I place an order, she says it should arrive in 5 or days. I figure, they get the order Monday, maybe Tuesday. They stick it in the mail on Tuesday or Wednesday… I get it Friday. Tigard isn’t that far away.

As of yesterday, a week and a half after placing my order, I still haven’t gotten my lipstick. So I grab my receipt and go to Nordstrom today on my lunch break. I talk to the same lady, hand over the receipt, and find out that it was never sent from Tigard! She asks if I ever go to Washington Square, and I don’t go there. I work in the Lloyd Center for Pete’s sake.

I told her to cancel my order. She asked if I wanted to look for a different color. I said no. I walked over to Macy’s and told the gal there “Are you ready for a challenge? My lipstick color is “edgy” and that’s all I know.” Less than a minute later, she had found it. I paid for it, thanked her, and now I have my new lipstick in my purse.

While on my lunch I used one of the two “Viviano” coupons that J gave me. I opted for the Orange-Mango variety. I don’t know how Starbucks hopes to get their customer base back and make their stock go up with blended bananas. The drink was awful. I didn’t taste oranges OR mangos, just banana. The banana burps afterward were gross, and the tummy rumbling I feel now makes me not want to use the other coupon to try the chocolate one


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