On Knitting

I finished Jason’s blue socks last night! I’m so excited! I’ve decided to swear off socks for awhile. Most things in my Ravelry Profile are socks. I’ve proven my point, I can only wear so many socks, and besides I can’t wear them till winter anyway.

I was unable to sleep last night so I got up to place an order with Knitpicks. I had 8 skeins of this green stuff and needed 14 to complete the sweater. It’s my knitting Olympics project and I only hope that the reserves arrive in enough time for me to finish my project. I also got yarn to make the Endpaper Mitts (in Ravenclaw Navy and Grey), and the Snowball’s Chance armwarmers.  Since I can’t cast on for my Olympic sweater till Friday, I started the Swiss Cheese scarf using that pink lace weight that I dyed red with kool-aid a few months back. 4 rows in, so far so good.

Against my better judgement, I joined the Lloyd Center lunchtime knitting group. I came to realize that while I like knitting, I don’t like knitters. They’re kind of a dull bunch who lacks social graces. A gal who was sitting across the way cross stitching (gag!) decided to join us. She had even fewer social skills. So I just sat there for a few minutes, feigning interest in what people were making. Then I excused myself because I “needed to go find some lunch.” In reality, I went to the dollar store to scope out paper supplies for our shindig this weekend.


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