Just Rude!

It’s no secret that I judge some of the people I work with harshly. However, I maintain most of them deserve it for the way they act toward me. Maybe they act the way they do toward me because of the way I judge them, but I think they started it. It really breaks down to a chicken/egg situation.

Every time there is a birthday, a card is passed around for everyone to sign. I dutifully sign each one, no special message, just a smiley face and my name. When my birthday came and went without a card, My feelings were hurt.

Being the “Receptionist” for this company comes with the unfortunate caveat that I have to have someone cover for my breaks and lunches. Today, the woman that was supposed to cover for my first break was late. I was supposed to go at 10 am. At 10:10 I gave up waiting and went any way. At 10:15 I saw her waltz through the outside door from the parking lot. She decided to try to talk to me, but I really didn’t want to hear it. She wasn’t apologizing for being late at any rate; she just wanted to discuss what I was knitting. Eventually she went away. When I came back to my desk at the end of my break, she was sitting there. She just walked away without saying a word to me.

I know I shouldn’t let people like that get to me. But it really does hurt my feelings.

To make me feel better, I ratted her out to our supervisor.


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