Knitters: a rant

The more and more I think about it, the more I don’t like knitters. I find this pretty funny since I am one.

I tried joining a knitting group that meets every other Wednesday at lunch time in the Lloyd Center. Perfect, since I work there and often spend my lunch knitting anyway, right? I found myself in a group of women. One who dominated the conversation and the group, she was the one who put it together, and two dishrag-y women, one of whom always began her sentences with “I’m sorry, but… “

I decided not to go back. Then I went a little crazy and decided to give it another change. I think my rationale was “I used to not like onions, either… “ It was sort of the same as the last time.  A quick “Hi, I’m Jane… also known as xxxxxxxx on Ravelry” then this weird awkward silence punctuated with even more awkward conversation from time to time. To top it off, there was this gal cross stitching across the way who decided to join us. Who decided to latch on to me. Who was even weirder than the rest of the knitters.

Time for my hierarchy: Knitters/Sewers are above Quilters/Crocheters are above cross stitchers. I guess cross stitchers could be above scrap bookers but that’s going a bit far… I should elaborate on this idea.

Anyway, I made it half an hour before making some lame excuse about finding some lunch somewhere. I retreated upstairs to my usual spot and finished my lunch knitting in peace and comfort. I vowed to never attempt to join a knitting circle again. I’ve given many friends permission to hit me if I even think about it.

Fast forward to about 30 minutes ago, right before I began typing in fact. The new fall Interweave Knits came out a few weeks ago with an article on this designer named Kate Gilbert. Featured in the article were her “greatest hits” the Clapotis from Knitty, The Pearl Buck Swing Jacket, and this awesome jacket called the Sunrise Circle.

This is my first exposed to this jacket and it’s pretty cool. I’d like to knit it for myself. So I start looking for the pattern. I thought I’d just be able to pay $5 for it and be on my way. No such luck. Turns out, it was a free download on the Interweave website back in 2006. Then it was recently re-released in May of 2008 for a limited run. Now the copyright has reverted back to the author and she says she’s working on getting it re-released.

However, knitters want to knit, and they want to knit NOW. So people on Ravelry are looking for the pattern. Someone asked if anyone had it and would be willing to e-mail it to them. All hell broke loose. Posts about copyright and making sure the author gets paid and all kinds of high and mighty crap ensue. Keep in mind this was a FREE pattern back in the day. Many, Many, Many people have downloaded the pattern. For free.

I really want to post back to some of the people chastising others for wanting an e-mail of a FREE pattern. To the ones yammering about copyright and getting paid… I want to ask them if they’ve ever purchased a used CD or a used book. Because the authors of those are getting any money or royalties.

So, I’ve decided that knitters are a bunch of humorless socially inept people. Except for me, and my friend Jen… and maybe you.


PS: I’ve since discovered that the sunrise circle jacket is not really made for people like me who have really wonky proportions and hips that won’t quit


One response to “Knitters: a rant

  1. For a minute there I thought you said “The Knitters” & I was going all WTF? Why not? 🙂


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