First FO 2009!

It’s been finished for almost a week now, but I haven’t been able to get a blog written about it.

I started it in October, then ran out of yarn before completion. The story of my life really.

The pattern is by Veronik Avery who is a designer I have a huge smushy knitter crush on. I made four of her patterns in the past year: The ribbon lace scarf, the layered skater overtop, layered skater undershirt, and this. I have one more sdesign by her coming down the chute: The ski Jacket. That is, if I can get my twilight mittens done.

Big smushy thanks to Jen for helping me figure out how to get the collar done correctly.

One response to “First FO 2009!

  1. It’s always a pleasure and delight to outsmart patterns with you!

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