Afternoon Spent Sewing


We’re getting closer and closer everyday to the ability to have photos again. The coffin for the home computer arrived yesterday. It’s going back to HP to be fixed, which is just what I wanted them to do. The final payment from the ebay auctions I had earlier in the month will clear on Friday, so I’m going to get my laptop Friday night. I can’t tell you how excited I am. An entire computer to arrange how I’d like – one giant folder on the desktop that says “Stuff” and everything goes in there. And the fact that someday I’ll be able to hook it to my sewing machine and use the combo as an embroidery machine.


In the meantime, I decided to do something nice for myself yesterday afternoon. I’ve been a little down lately and to cheer me up I gave myself an afternoon of sewing. Tuesday is the day I don’t have to go to the gym as I don’t want to get hurt before going to my fiddle lesson in the evening, so I had about two hours to just play when I got home. I’ve needed a new lunch bag. My old one was a little small (but it had dinosaurs on it) and was a little hard to hold on to some times, especially when also balance a cup of coffee. I’ve realized that the perfect lunch bag is a plastic shopping bag from Fred Meyer. It has its downfalls though, 1) bad for the environment and 2) I accidentally grabbed someone else’s lunch the other day thinking it was mine.


I used the tutorial outlined in the latest issue of BUST magazine, a Fred Meyer bag, and about ¾ a yard of Beatles Yellow Submarine fabric. I had originally intended the fabric to be pajamas, but I haven’t made them yet. I’ll still have enough to make a shorter pair of pajama bottoms. They’ll be perfect for summer.


The lunch bag took about two hours and was a lot of fun to make. It’s been awhile since I’ve made something small and quick and satisfying like that. I’m thinking of making another with longer handles to use as a purse. I’ve also made plans to turn some more of that Beatles fabric into a laptop bag. I’m kinda wishing I had bought more of it, I wonder if it’s still around. However, I haven’t bought fabric or yarn in 2 months… would the Beatles be worth falling off the wagon?




One response to “Afternoon Spent Sewing

  1. First, a common-sense, mother-ish comment. Don’t fall off the wagon for the Beatles. You’ll be able to find that fabric when the yarn diet is over.
    Second, the lunch bag sounds awesome! And “Hooray new laptop!”
    I’m currently buried under sadistics, I mean statistics, homework but will msg you soon. I think we’ll have to bump our 1st weekend to the 3rd this month.
    Indigo Aaron? That kid is SO going to grow up to be a pompous fashion designer or a hard drug addict. Maybe both.

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