My Sewing Stash – a come to Jesus moment

I made a vow to not buy yarn or fabric until I’ve used what I have on hand. These two are not mutally exclusive, if I run out of fabric before I run out of yarn, then I can get more fabric… I don’t have to wait. The fabric stash I find troubling right now. See, I just got this laptop (yay!) which means I need a laptop bag. I can’t buy a laptop bag, cause I can make one. I can’t make one because I don’t have the right fabric for it, I don’t have the right fabric for it because I can’t buy fabric because I’m on this here fabric diet.

See the dilemna?

See the fabric I want to make my bag out of? (The first two on the list, with maybe the 5th one down as lining)

Let’s see what’s holding me up, eh?

1- Charcoal grey pants. According to my notes I started them in October. It would take me maybe three hours at the most to finish these

2- Black and plaid western shirt. Apparantly I started this in November of 2007. I don’t know where I lost steam. It may have been trying to match the plaid. I’ve cut it out but haven’t begun sewing

3- Convert jeans to skirt. I made a pair of jeans, they were too short. I just need to turn them into a skirt. It would take maybe 3 hours.

4- Jason’s western shirt. This one would take awhile since I have to do some embroidery. I’ve had the fabric for three years, at least. What’s holding me up? 1) Fear that Jason wouldn’t wear it and 2) All that embroidery. I guess I could do the embroidery now since I should let up on the knitting for a week or so because my wrists hurt

5- Red Yoga Pants and Two Pairs of black leggings. I just got the yoga pant pattern today after deciding to turn that red fabric into lounge pants instead of a dress. I could do the leggings at the same time since its all the same.

6 – Yellow Submarine jammies – I could do these at the same time as #5, but I don’t like having to change the thread in my serger.

7- Hem living room/kitchen curtains. 1) They’re not up yet, so I don’t know how long/short to make them. 2) see #6 and how I hate re threading the serger.

8- Sock monkey smoking jacket – Our sock monkey needs a smoking jacket. this would take all of an hour.

I think if I finished those projects, I would be able to get the fabric for my laptop bag. I have fabric for a pair of jeans in my stash but think those should wait till fall. Ditto for the navy fabric for a skirt. I also have a pair of red twill capri pants almost finish but think those should wait till the summer. All of these projects are on hold for weightloss.

Enough typing, time to get to cutting


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