The Week In Rock

Its been a concert heavy week for me.

Tuesday was Lambchop at the Aladdin Theater. Going in, the only record I knew of theirs was 2002’s “Is A Woman.” A really mellow record that we occasionally listen to while playing Scrabble. I also knew they released two records in 2004 “Aw, Come On” and “No, You Come On.” Words can’t really describe the awesomeness I witnessed Tuesday night. All the songs, except for two, were new to me. He had a way of delivering lyrics that was mesmerizing. Twice he broke into covers: “You’re A Big Girl Now” by Bob Dylan and “Once in a Lifetime” by the Talking Heads. Both times I had to stop and think “Has he been doing this song all along and I’m just now realizing what it is?” I sat there with my jaw dropped most of the night.

Thursday was Neil Halsted at the Doug Fir. For the most part the crowd was so attentive and quiet you could hear a pin drop. Neil started with “A Little Twig” from his new record, then followed it with “Driving With Bert” from Sleeping on Roads (Which is my favorite song of his) and then “Room with a view” from Mojave 3’s Excuses for Travelers. Then the assholes showed up. These two motherfuckers who thought they were at a rock show, were standing three feet from the stage, drunk off their asses, and talking SO LOUD. That you could barely hear Neil. I told them they were really distracting. They got pissed. Thing were okay for awhile. Jason and I decided to sit down for awhile, then Jason gave me the “Let’s Go” signal. Just as we were leaving we heard one of the assholes asking Neil “How does it feel to be on Jack Johnson’s record label?”

I fucking hate people sometimes.

Saturday night was a Tom Petty Tribute at the Fez. We went because 1) Tom Petty is Cool. 2) My friend Marilee was in one of the bands 3) Lewi Longmire was going to play and 4) James Low was going to play. The first couple of bands were pretty good. Michael Jodel can bring the rock, along with the guy playing with her that was in the Baseboard Heaters. The Don of Division Street’s drumkit fell apart, awesome. Marilee’s band was great and it was nice to be able to see her sing again. Then it just got lame, then lamer. We decided to leave when this gal who reminded me of an animatronic robot from Showbiz Pizza decided to start singing. So we left, we missed James and Lewi… but since we were on the guestlist, we were okay with that.

We went across town, got doughnuts and went home.

Coming up we have: The Minus 5/KMRIA, The Sadies, Clem Snide, Mark Olson & Gary Louris, Wes, Roger Clyne, and the one I’m most excited for: Unwigged & Unplugged. That’s the Christopher Guess, Michael McKean, Harry Shearer show where they’re going to do Spinal Tap and A Mighty Wind song. We got great seats and I’m so, so, so excited.

2 responses to “The Week In Rock

  1. You’re not going to Seattle for Robyn Hitchcock?

  2. Robyn would be awesome, especially since the Fellows are opening… but we just dropped some serious cash on the Spinal Tap tickets so we can’t really afford to go.

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