random salad

Last fiday I went to see Clem Snide at The Doug Fir. I was very surprised to see a three piece band and not a horn section and a violin player like I’m accustomed to hearing on their records. They played some songs I didn’t recognize, as well as “Let’s Explode,” “Ice Cube” and Rachel’s favorite “You Make Me Wanna.” They didn’t play my favorites “Happy Birthday” or “All Green.” I’d say the highlight of the evening was when Eef pulled a guy, Charlie, from the audience and made him sing backup on “I love the unknown.”

Saturday I woke up and decided I wanted to be productive so Jason and I went to the paint store. I’ve painted two walls in the living room a lovely purple color. When I was done, Jason decided that the color (he picked it) was Laker Purple (like I said, he picked it). I also managed to get the living room curtains hemmed. Its starting to look like a grownup lives in my house. I think this weekend I’m going to make “art” for the living room. Pretty much, I”m going to make a frame and stretch IKEA fabric across it. Also, I’m going to get the rug for under the kitchen table cleaned.

That may be it for now. I’ve got half a pair of mittens done that I sort of designed, and I’m getting through the sewing project list.


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