Friday PSA

When at the Gym, don’t go running while wearing a thong. … just sayin’

I’m quickly reaching the point where my clothes are almost all too big. I don’t want to start buying new clothes while in this transitional period. I’m dropping about a pound a week after cutting all the fun stuff out of my diet and substituting it for something else. Vodka instead of Beer. Coffee with flavored creamer instead of Lattes. Special K and Fat Free Milk instead of Granola and Yogurt. I bought two pairs of jeans in the fall, both the same size. The Levi’s still fit pretty well, but the Old Navy jeans are too big now. I think they have more stretch in them than the Levi’s and have reached maximum stretch. So, I’m going to attempt to size them down this weekend. We’ll see what happens.

I took a look at my list o sewing projects. I’ve decided to move “Finish Gray Pants” to the Fall as its nearly warm now and I’d only get a few weeks of wear out of them and then have to resize them in the fall. I’m going to move up “Finish Red Capris” soon. I think all I really have on the list is Jason’s Western Shirt and the Sock Monkey’s Smoking jacket. We’ve got some good movies from Netflicks for the weekend, so I can take the time to embroider his shirt… I have to do the embroidery first, then sew it all together.

Off to practice the violin, then its vodka time!

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