Rock and Roll and Violins too!

Sunday Jason and I went to Mississippi Studios to see amongst other people, the Minus 5:

We also saw Rebecca Gates, who was good in her own way but not really my bag. The Dimes who I think I like a lot. A guy from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah who was, um, interesting? Definitely not my bag. Stephen Malkmus was a lot of fun. He took his laptop onstage with him and played covers that he looked up the chords for while he was onstage. We heard Sundown, and Both Sides Now, and Shaking Through by REM and songs by Wire, Bill Fay, Sonic Youth, and the Sex Pistols.

The Minus 5 were unplugged. Scott, Peter, Ezra, Rebecca Gates, Steve Berlin from Los Lobos, and someone from Norfolk and Western. A small six song set: One Bar At A Time, The Days of Wine and Booze, Aw Shit Man (possibly the best version I’ve ever heard), one from the New Album… It was great!

In other news:

My new violin! Its going into the hospital this weekend for a new bridge, and tuning pegs, and other work but when it comes out… watch out!


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