Round Up!

My tomatoes have flowered! So have the peas! The cucumbers still aren’t doing anything, which makes me sad because I want pickles. We had nachos last week using cilantro from the garden, which was pretty awesome.

My violin gets back from the hospital on saturday, in theory. I’m too excited! I’m starting to audition for bands. I tried out for one last weekend that I’m pretty sure I’ve never going to hear from again. I played for the guy and shook so badly. I’ve never really played around anyone but Jason and Marilee, so new people make me nervous. I also found myself acting the way I do around all new people: quiet and akward.

I’m not sure I want to be in that band anyway. The songs sound about one divorce away from being Richard Buckner. Ever since I saw Richard Buckner at Musicfest a few years back with his battery of 12 guitar pedals and his laminated setlist, I’ve thought Richard Buckner was a tool. Also, the guy writing the songs can sing and play, but doesn’t know anything about music theory. When I asked him what key a song was in, he said he didn’t know. I want to be in a band with people that know their shit. I know mine. Its not that hard.

So now I’m talking with another guy I found on craigslist that wants to put together a Richmond Fontaine/Uncle Tupleo/Whiskeytown group and I’m all over that. Because I respect those bands.

As a matter of fact, I know I didn’t make it into that first band since their ad has been reposted on craigstlist. They had a stupid name anyway.

I finally finished something out of that horrible green yarn I bought last spring. Stay tuned for pictures.

I’m looking forward to the long weekend. We’re going to see the High Strung, work in the yard, and make a recording of me singing and playing so I can give it to potential band mates as a sort of resume. This way, when I play poorly in front of them because I”m nervous; I can say “no! I really don’t suck! Listen!”

And if you’re lucky, I’ll post it here


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