Maybe You’re Coming Down With It

Saturday night’s entertainment found us at Berbati’s the Resturant. Neither of us had ever been there before. Its a long, thin room with a pool area at the back. Bad art on the walls (I should take up painting for extra cash). The floor was pretty cool, it looked like copper that was bolted together with rivets. Almost like someone had flattened an airplane and placed it on the floor. A good floor to hose down at the end of the night, a bit echo-y for a rock show.

The crowd was… odd. We usually don’t go to the places where people go to see and be seen. About 30 minutes after we got there the biggest fratty bachelor party ever invaded the place, bought a thousand shots and got rowdy. We quickly found a new place to hang out.

We were there to see The High Strung from Detrot, Michigan. Huge supporters of literacy programs, they rarely play outside of libraries. I guess they were even profiled on an episode of This American Life.

I’ve loved this band since I saw them open for the Minus 5 two years ago at that show that happened after a Wilco concert. I swear I’ve lost 5 pounds listening to their songs at the gym, they’re so fast and I have to keep up with them on the elliptical.

So they played Maybe You’re Coming Down With It, Truce Between You And Me, Standing At The Door Of Self Discovery and many others that I know the words to but don’t know the title. They were winding down the set and the song I wanted to hear “Real Nice Boy” hadn’t been played yet. I generally don’t call out for songs, but Jason was nudging me. They didn’t play it, they don’t know it anymore. They asked what else I wanted to hear… but I drew a blank… Now I can name so many I’d have liked to hear (Rimbaud Rambo, What A Meddler, The World’s Smallest Violin). Ah well.

I spoke with the bass player afterward and he said that song had been written by someone who wasn’t in the band anymore, so they don’t play it. He said they should be back in August, we offered our backyard if they needed it.

And, to top it all, the show was free!


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