Geeking Out

Can you get geekier than this?

We just bought a chess timer. Not for chess though, for scrabble. It does bring a new dimension to game play, you have to think fast. Jason can no longer take ten minutes making up his mind on what to play. I’m having trouble adapting because I’ve never played against a timer before. I think it will make us better players.

I’m becoming obsessed with this records: The Eels with Strings Live at Town Hall. We watched the companion DVD a few months back. E took Alan Hunter and Chet Lyster from James Low and the Medicine Show and didn’t give them back. Alan and Chet are all over the DVD, which is why we watched it. I still find it odd to see musicians I’ve seen a ton of times at a bar in a movie. Anyway, the DVD was good.

Since I love science, I tune in to NOVA each week in hopes that it will be something good. I’ll watch anything on Space, Dinosaurs, Robots, Volcanoes, or the History of Science. That one where the people tried to find the northwest passage? Snoresville. Give me explosions.

A few weeks ago the NOVA program was “Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives.” E’s father was a theoretical physicist. E set out to learn about what his father worked on all his life. It was such a great episode. And the music was from this album. I’m listening to it often.

I’m also becoming more and more enamored with The High Strung. The play shows at libraries to get kids to realize that libraries are cool! They drove their dying tour bus onto the steps of the Rock N Roll hall of fame with a note that read:

“This is a 1988 Chevy G30 used by The High Strung. Although the odometer reads 8,621 miles, it is actually 318,621 miles. The spray painting was done by various people all over the country but never by anyone in the van. The van contains countless notes, photos and song ideas inspired by those met along the way.”

“Dear Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, We believe rock and roll can make man heroic, make man Superman, can make giants out of the audience and artists alike … The High Strung’s donation to you is a wild multicolored beast of a vehicle that, despite its age and demand placed upon it, carried us to 500 shows across America without asking us to cancel one. Oh, yeah, and don’t you worry about any potential towing costs, the keys are in the ignition.”

Their songs are just so bouncy and fun. Their rythym section has more hooks than a pirate convention. Sometimes they wear matching Evel Kinevel outfits.

They’re supposed to come back through in August. They’ve got a date to play the Bend Library. Hopefully they play Portland again. Maybe they’ll play my backyard!


One response to “Geeking Out

  1. jeneraldisarray

    Oh, I don’t know.
    I’ll bet you CAN get geekier.
    Consider this a dare.

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