Holding on for that Teenage Feeling

Neko Case is in town this weekend doing two shows at the Crystal Ballroom. Normally we’d be at both of the shows in a heartbeat but at $25 a ticket, that would add up fast. Originally, we decided to see the show saturday night, but then we found out that the guy from Grandaddy was going to be opening the show on Friday so we changed our minds.

The show was awesome. Especially since we didn’t have to hang out with the teeming masses in the crystasl ballroom. Oh no, we wound up in the front row of the VIP section! A prefect unobstructed view and lots of space (until the banjo player’s wife wound up next to me takin up space and chattering like a monkey)

Neko was gorgeous as usualy and I really really want to be Kelly Hogan. They did a lot of songs from the new album, which I like more since I’ve heard the songs live. Also “Knock Loud”, “That Teenage Feeling” and ” I wish I was the moon tonight”

I wish I was going back tonight

One response to “Holding on for that Teenage Feeling

  1. Same! i saw her tuesday, and was so tempted to go back last night, too. She put on an absolutely fantastic show!

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