Everything but music…

The only way to write about the last week is to split it in half. So this one has everything to do with everything but music.

I guess the first big news is that we got a new TV! Its a 32 inch Vizio. Its 1080 p and HD. Its pretty damn cool. We’ve decided to get cable (pretty much so we can tell qwest to go ahead and suck it). The cable man comes next week.

I’ve been sewing like crazy. I’ve been using Loretta the dress form too:

ensuring a proper fit

ensuring a proper fit

My size has fluxuated since all the weight I’ve lost has been in my boobs. I’m down to a size 16 in pattern land. For this dress, which will be the most beautiful dress I’ve ever made, I cut the sides of the dress in the largest size. Then I put the muslin of the bodice (hey look! I made a muslin) on Loretta. I pinched up the sides, pinned them, marked them, and then cut the actual fabric to match the muslin.

I got a clothesline a few weeks back and I’m in love with it. I especially love washing my fabric and then hanging it on the line. Then, when I go to use the fabric it smells like summer. Especially when I press the fabric, it smells like warm summer.

Also, sunshine is free and the dryer costs money.

I’m becoming more and more of a hippie. I decided to see if I could make butter. Yes. Butter.

bread and butter

bread and butter

It worked. I used heavy whipping cream and my food processor. It only took about 5 minutes! I remember making butter in the girl scouts and it took FOREVER. Anyway, I’m excited to try it with some super organic heavy cream.

The by-product of butter is buttermilk. What can you do with buttermilk? How about some buttermilk cornbread? After looking online, I finally found a recipe the looked good on the side of the box of cornmeal.

Jason and I are both fighting colds. Or something. I bet he loses his voice tomorrow, he sounds rough. I went home from work early yesterday as I was not feeling well. Right now my nose is alternating between super stuffy and super runny. I’m hoping that we can get some rest this weekend and fend off the crud.

I’ll end with two new items:

trapeze dress

trapeze dress

strappy tank

strappy tank

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