Doin’ It Myself

Thus far this summer I’ve grown my own food (my tomatoes are turning red and I’ve got beans coming in), made my own clothes, stopped using the dryer in favor of a clotheslines, and made my own butter. What’s next?

Homemade strawberry preserves. I got a flat of strawberries yesterday and decided to make preserves. I used about 4 pints of strawberries, and some “no added sugar needed pectin.” The pectin makes me wonder, as it says it doesn’t need any sugar on the box, but inside with the instructions mention adding FOUR CUPS OF SUGAR (!!!) to the sauce you make. I added a cup, and based on the delicious goo that was left over I made a good choice.

Next time, I’m using splenda.

It was really easy and took almost no time and I have 5 half pints of preserves. I hear marionberries are coming soon, and boy howdy am I going to go nuts canning them.

you really need four burners to do this. One of my burners is broken right now, I managed it with three burners.

I want need a new cooktop


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