Another Audition

Wednesday night I triedout for another band. This time was better. I was way nervous with a terrible case of cottonmouth (must bring water next time). I was auditioning along with a sixty -plus year old guy who was blind and played the banjo and a flute player. Really? A flute player?

I was able to keep up, despite the fact that the guitar player tuned his entire guitar down a half step making it impossible for me to follow his hands. I went for the less is more approach and tried to add to the background, unlike the flute player who went with more is more and I think overplayed.

I walked out of there thinking “if I make it, that’s great and if I don’t I’m not gonna cry.” Especially since the flute player demonstrated “Beat Boxing” through the flute and said the phrase “woodwind loops.” Also, she said “I really like to tune to a D-minor” and I said “because its the saddest of all keys?” and she said “really? I always throught that was C-minor.”

Every musician knows that D-minor is the saddest of all keys.

So I left feeling allright. I knew the flute player was going to make it. I didn’t know about me. I’m planning on joining any band that will have me so I can gain experience while looking for a band that I’ll really fit in to.

Today I looked on craigslist. I see an ad thatreads “Hello, I’m playing rootsy, bluesy americana with a stand-up bassist and flutist” – so I guess I didn’t get the part. Which is cool. I’m glad the flutist got picked up, that means I won’t lose out to her again.

So my score stands at: I’ve been rejected twice, flaked on once, and I’ve rejected one band.

In happy news: I’m almost famous. Something I knit is going to be all over the world soon on the new Minus 5 album:

over the barcode, I knit that doll of Scott McCaughey!


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