Rough Draft

I haven’t posted it yet. I want to make sure its good, and I want to post it on a day where no one else has mentioned the violin.if you were a band, would you want me based on this:

Female violin/fiddle player, 30, looking for a band.

I’ve been playing the fiddle for a little over four years now. I take lessons each week and spend about an hour or more a day practicing. I’m not afraid to put in the work. I’ve concentrated more on American fiddle styles than Irish fiddle, but can pull the Irish out if needed. I’ve also worked on playing along with CDs, figuring out what I can add to what already exists. I know when to play, when to not, and how to not detract from what’s going on.

I’m looking for musicians who know what keys their songs are in and play without a multitude of fancy tricks (weirdo tunings, etc). In return, I offer someone who is responsible, mature and not a flake. If I say I’m going to be at practice, I’ll be there and I’ll be prepared.

I’m not looking to set the world on fire, or become the next big rock n roll star. I’m looking to develop as a musician, play a few gigs, and maybe get some free beer out of the deal.

Contact me via e-mail to discuss what you’re looking for and arrange for an audition. I will respond in a timely fashion.


One response to “Rough Draft

  1. jeneraldisarray

    If I had a band, I would want you in it.
    Perhaps a fiddle/therumin combo could shake up the music world?
    I’ll get going on that.

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