Prizes and Scarves

I came home today to find a prize in my mailbox:

Courtesy of Christope of The Universal Trendsetter . A 45 of Harvy Haddix b/w Sometimes I Dream of Willie Mays by the Baseball Project with custom Limited Edition artwork by Christophe. Its #2 of 3! I’m going to be seeing the Baseball Project in about three weeks… maybe I should get it signed. Also, a flicker baseball card of Willie Mays and a dozen or so Universal Trendsetter Buttons. Half of them are 8 bit art of Scott and read “Aw Shit Man” in tiny letters under the face. The others have a bottle of beer or Whiskey and say Minus 5.

I’m nearly done with my Blooming Cotton Scarf. I think I’m going to do about two more rows of circles. I love it and can’t wait to wear it. 400 stitches around! I think it’ll be about 70 inches long when I’m done. I’m loving my new Harmony Wood Interchangeable Needles which were my reward for knitting all of my stash. Theyt’re super pointy which is rare in wood needles. They’re lightweight and the cords are awesome. Very very flexible and they have no memory. I’m doing my scarf on size 6 needles, which used to be frustrating as my old size 6 circular was twisted and difficult to work with.

Next up: the Cold Mountain Wrap which will be a challenge. I think I may start it tomorrow on my knitting date with Jen. This means I have to wind the hank of yarn I have into a ball before then.

Things are shaping up for an awesome birthday weekend. I have an audition tonight (cross your fingers). Tomorrow knitting and the sock summit with Jen. Sunday my best friend from college, Rob Ely, will be in town and we’re going to go mini golfing, and Monday Pedicures with Rachel

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