Birthday Weekend

So my birthday was nearly two weeks ago and I’m just now getting around to writing about it. Pretty much because I”m going to see the Flaming Lips tomorrow night and you can bet there’ll be a writeup on that show.

So the birthday weekend started out with going to the Sock Summit Marketplace with Jen. It was overwhelming. The entire huge exhibition hall at the convention center full of sock yarn. and crazy-ass knitters. We hadn’t gone down but one asile when some lady proclaimed that she had yarn that matched my hair and started sticking skeins of yarn next to my head to match. Like I want my feet to match my head. I’ve proven that I love these colors, I wear them everyday, and I don’t want to be all matchy-matchy.

Jen and I soon became overwhelmed and slightly bored. It all started looking the same after awhile. So, we hopped onto the bus and went to the Clinton Corner Cafe for Beer, Bitching, and Birthday (cup)Cakes.

The next day Jason and I picked up Best Friend From College Rob who was in town from Idaho and went to breakfast. Then, back to our house where Rob and I massacred some of your favorite Irish Tunes. Me on the Fiddle, him on the Hammered Dulcimer. We even sort of taught Jason to read music so he could play guitar with us.

Then we went Mini Golfing where Rob got the best score, Jason got a hole in one, and I managed to lock my keys in the trunk. Luckily we went to a place not too far away and after waiting nearly an hour for a cab, and a ride with the angriest driver ever, we got home. Grabbed my spare key, picked up my car, and were back in business.

Next stop: The Lion’s Eye where we drank IPAs and managed to get some almost free barbeque.

Jason and Rob discuss documentaires

Jason and Rob discuss documentaires

Jane and Rob realize the last time a picture was taken of them, it was 1997

Jane and Rob realize the last time a picture was taken of them, it was 1997

Then we had to take Rob to his train back to his inlaws house in Eugene. A quick stop by VooDoo Doughnuts on the way home and all in all, I had a pretty happy birthday!


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