A few months back, shortly before the Young Fresh Fellows shows, I had a sit-down with a couple of the trainers at the gym. My intent: to get as much free advice and questions answered as I could. Their intent: to see me personal training sessions at a whopping $40 a half hour.

F that noise.

At that same session, I found that I had a BMI of over 30. Around 20 should be my goal. I’m going to aim for around 22 or so. I still want to have some curves.

So, I”ve been working sort of hard ever since. I’m not going to the gym as much as I used to, just 3 days a week now since I”ve discovered I enjoy having lazy afternoons sometime. I’ve been eating well, but not as well as I should. Beer, and brownies, and ice cream bars have been sneaking their way in. Its been summer, what’s summer without popscicles?

The other day, I had my BMI checked again. Down to 28.9! That’s at least two points in my mind. I’m really, really proud of myself. Even though the number on the scale went up, I’ve increased my muscle mass by two points!

Also, back in January I was told to ahve a target heart rate of 133 when I run. The other day I was told to have a target of at least 148 to about 160. This just goes to show me that the people at the gym are conflicted and don’t really know what they’re saying if I can get such differing stories from the people who work there.

I’m thinking of getting a Wii Fit come october to supplement the gym. I’m not sure yet

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