I think it says Funk

J and I caught former Rockstar Boyfriend (we broke up when he got married) Tim Easton at Mississippi Stuidos last week.

The opening band was HORRIBLE. A four gal one guy (who played fretless and 5 string basses) group who ripped their songs straight from the Indigo Girls book ‘o cliches. Jen will appreciate this: I’ve got a dollar that says Brenda Dayne LOVES this band. At one point they made reference to their manager who was “womaning the merch table.” Jason said it should have been “personing” as political correctness goes both ways. Luckily, we showed up late for the show so only had to deal with three songs or so. The last being a Billy Joel “We didn’t start the fire” number about cancer.

Jason and I got a great spot to stand in the balcony which I think I’m going to claim as ours.

still cute

still cute

Tim has put together a band who I think is still learning all the songs. The setlist I stole had keys listed after the songs. Good for me. The set was very uptemo, very rocking, It mostly focused on his new record which is very, very good. Its nice to hear the boy rock once in awhile, just to remind us that he can do it.

still rockin

still rockin'

He has a great rapport with his audience, even looking up at those in the balcony from time to time. He made eyes at me a few times as if to say “forgive me baby, but you were taken” and yes, I’ve forgiven him. We can be rockstar friends now.I had a huge grin on my face the entire show.

Seeing shows as great at this one makes me really sad that I’m still not in a band. I guess the big difference between the people who post they need band members on craigslist and the people I go see on tour are that the people on tour made a commitment. These are the professionals, the people who are grown ups, who have a sense of obligation and responsibility. And the jackoffs on craigslist are just that, jackoffs.


One response to “I think it says Funk

  1. Dear God, that poor man in the opening band…
    Are you sure it wasn’t a woman?

    Re: Craigslist flake-os – F their noise. Way to say it, sister.

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