Why I should always carry a camera

and why I’m sad I didn’t have one today.

I had to take my car to the mechanic because it was making odd noises. He drove it around for a fefw minutes, then put it on a hydraulic lift and called me over to show me what was wrong:

Vo (mechanic): So, when did you get the new engine put in

Jane: I don’t have a new engine

Vo: are you sure?

Jane: I bought the car new…

Vo: maybe it happened when you got an oil change…

and he becons me to stand under my car and look up at what I can only assume is the oil pan. Written on it in yellow grease pencil are the words “Call Me Foxy” and either “You’re Hot” or “Your Ass.”

I’ve tried to stick my arms under the car with the camera to no avail…

So, now I’m wonding: 1) Who wrote that… 2) While I’m flattered, how did they ever expect me to get their secret message 3) How long has it been there (since Colorado? Michigan?) 4) How many oil change guys have seen it and 5) How many penises have been drawn on this part and are driving around town.

I’ll NEVER be without my camera again.


One response to “Why I should always carry a camera

  1. thethoughtherder

    Awesome story, you may tapped into the unknown mating rituals of mechanics worldwide!

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