Things to Do:

I’ve decided to come up with a list of things I’d like to do/try/make. Call them April resolutions if you will. I made a list like this several years ago when I was looking to make some changes. From what I remember the list contained things like “Stop Smoking” (5 years!), “Start Exercising” (25 pounds!), and “Learn the Violin” (5 years!). So here’s the list, numbered but not in any kind of order. I’m free to add or remove things at any time.

1- Finally finish Jason’s western shirt
2- Make my western shirt
3- Dress from that fabric I bought at bolt last summer
4- Finished smocked top
5- Green wrap dress
6- Take in brown and purple dresses
7- Finish hankies
8- Finish hollow earth project (seriously! It’s been in process FOREVER)
9- Finish Estes Vest
10- Finish Tempest Cardigan
11- Do Something with that shine sport
12- Purple/Grey Stripey Socks
13- Orange/Yellow Stripey Socks
14- Green/Grey Stripey Socks
15- Blue/Blue Stripey Socks
16- Marilee’s sweater
17- Plant a fantastic garden
18- Make pickles
19- Make bubble tea
20- Make Pad See Ew

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