#20- Make Pad See Ew

I love Pad See Ew. What’s there not to love? Noodles, chicken and broccoli all in a sweet sauce. I like to save all the broccoli to the very end. J says I look like I hate broccoli as I’m eating since I push it all to the side.

I went to the Fubonn Market on 82nd ave the other day to get supplies for this and #19 – bubble tea. I’d never been to the Fubonn Market before; it was fascinating, inexpensive, and sort of smelled like the monkey cage at the zoo. I needed both light and dark soy sauce as well as wide rice noodles. The soy sauce aisle was gigantic! And confusing. Eventually I found what I was looking for, two bottles of soy sauce: $1.99 each. Next to the noodle aisle. Also: gigantic. I found rice noodles, but not wide ones. I wandered for a bit till I found myself in a refrigerated aisle, I finally found the noodles there. Much like when you get fresh pasta at a regular grocery store.

I made the dish last night. It was quite easy: Brown garlic in a pan with vegetable oil. Add chicken and cook till done. Add noodles and 4 tablespoons of light soy sauce as well as 4 tablespoons of dark soy sauce. Stir. I put a lid on the saucepan here to help soften up the noodles. In a separate saucepan I boiled water and added broccoli and cooked till the broccoli was done. Drained the broccoli and added it to the pan with the noodles and chicken. Tossed everything to coat. Added some pepper and a little sugar.

While it didn’t taste exactly like the stuff I get at Tom Yum, it was a really good first attempt. I’m definitely going to try it again, and soon!

The List has had one change and some additions:
#5 is now a Blue Wrap Dress since I couldn’t find the right green at the fabric store.
Also have added:
21- Make Cheese
22- Make Yogurt
23- Cynthia Rowley Dress
24- Cynthia Rowley Jacket
25- Cross stitch 1
26- Cross stitch 2


One response to “#20- Make Pad See Ew

  1. jeneraldisarray

    Look at your fancy new blog!

    And there’s Thai food, to boot.

    Way to go!

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