#19 – Make Bubble Tea

This has turned out to be quite the adventure. There’s been a lot of fiddling around with the recipe.

First I had to figure out how to cook the boba. I was afraid the back of the package was all in Chinese as it really looked that way. After I poured all the bubbles into a ziploc bag I saw the instructions were in English as well. I had been looking all over the internet for directions and couldn’t find well written ones, so here goes:

Five Minute Boba Recipe:
1- Pour water in saucepan. I’ve seen mention of ratios like 8 parts water to 1 part Boba. Its not like making rice. Its more like making spaghetti. Just put some water in a saucepan
2- Bring to a Boil
3- Add boba, cover, cook 5 minutes.
4- remove from heat, let sit 5 minutes
5- drain saucepan. pour sugar or honey on boba and let sit a few minutes more.

I decided to pour a simple sugar syrup (one part water, one part sugar, bring to a boil, stir till dissolved, remove from heat and let cool) on my boba.

Saturday the only syrup flavor I had was Sugar Free Vanilla, which I tried with iced Tazo Awake. Not bad
Monday the syrups showed up from Torani. I tried Orange with some Sugar Free Vanilla and iced Tazo Focus (which smells like chocolate oranges). It was okay. It had more of the black tea bite that I’m not super fond of
Thursday: I tried Grape with iced Tazo Zen. Not good. Not good at all. I’m not sure if it was the grape, or if it was the Mint and Green Tea combo. I can’t recommend it.
Today: Back to the orange with Sugar Free Vanilla. I made a cup of Tazo Full Leaf Calm (chamomile). The best yet.

I have plans this weekend to try the Grape again, as well as try using some Tazo Mambo with the orange.

New to the List: #27 – black and white gingham dress


2 responses to “#19 – Make Bubble Tea

  1. jeneraldisarray

    I suppose I need to put this “bubble tea” (or so you say it’s called) in my mouth before I say that it’s weird, but it’s strange to look at.

    What’s the texture of the boba (bobi? oh wait, “a” would indicate plural. never mind.) as you drink /chew them? Are they hard? Squishy? Spongy?

    • Its delicious and I’ll totally make you some next time we get together.

      Boba has the texture of softer gummy bears. I made some the other day and left out the boba, it was delicious all the same.

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