#3 – Dress from that fabric I bought at bolt last summer

Bolt in NE Portland cuts generous remnants. So when I found 2 5/8 yards of an Amy Butler print for a mere $17.00 I had to pick it up. I knew exactly the dress I wanted to make from it, Simplicity 2995. I got everything home, washed the fabric, started to separate the pieces to the pattern and then the summer ended.

Somewhere over the last 6 months, I’ve managed to lose piece #7 – the back neck facing – in my sewing room. No matter as it was a really simple piece to redraft. Cutting the dress out was a breeze (never mind that measure twice cut once fiasco but that’s another story). Assembling the dress was no problem either. I hardly had to look at the instructions. Side note: I should learn how to insert a lapped zipper. I’ve got a jillion zippers that never match what I’m making so I should learn to hide them. I’ve found a tutorial here

Grandma's Nightgown

The more and more I look at this dress the more and more I don’t think I like it. 1) Its too long. 2) That lace was really cute on the pattern envelope, but I think it makes the dress look like your grandmother’s nightgown. 3) It’s very Mu Mu shaped. My waist is the skinniest part on my body, I don’t want to wear something that hides my best asset so I’d have to wear a belt with it. I’m also not entirely pleased with the fabric itself. I’m getting a very luau feel from it. I suppose I could wear the dress while playing my pink ukulele, but then I’d have to change in order to play another instrument.

I’m thinking of removing the pockets and chopping a good 8-12 inches off of it and calling it a tunic top. Or I chalk it up to a learning experience and give the whole thing to goodwill. Or I make an apron or a clothespin bag out of it.

Looks Like I haven’t updated The List in awhile, so:
27- Black and white gingham dress
28- Finish przybilla shirt
29- Finish brown yoga pants
30- Use that blue jersey with the white stars – Wonder Woman Jammies?
31- Yellow lawn dress
32- Paisley lawn dress (or top)
33- Learn to install lapped zipper
34- Make poptarts
35- Clothespin Bag


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