Oiling the Bernina 430 & 440

A lot of people have come by here looking for information on how to oil the Bernina 4430 & 440. I’ve tried and tried to take photos or video of the process, but they’re all coming out fuzzy and lame. So, I’m going to try to describe the process in words. It’s a very easy process, and a lot simpler than how I was originally shown at the store.

1- Un-thread the machine, remove the presser foot, and the bobbin
2- Look at the throat plate – in the upper right corner there is a marking that looks like a bulls-eye. Press down on that. You may need to press hard using the end of your small screwdriver. The throat plate should pop up. Remove and set aside.
3- Crank the hand wheel and watch the gray bar under the feed dogs. I believe this is called the race. It should be solid to a point, then break. Both ends of the break are a little curvy kind of like this : ) (
4. Place a dot of oil on the ) ( Looking part
5. Take this opportunity to sweep out lint from the feed dogs. I like to blow the area out with a can of air.
6- replace the throat plate. Re-thread the machine and the bobbin and replace the presser foot.

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask.


3 responses to “Oiling the Bernina 430 & 440

  1. Thank you! That was perfect.

  2. Anna Lee Hudson

    Thanks for your information. I am RVing for a couple of months and forgot my manual for my 440QE. If you have a minute, remind me how to turn off the little “oil” reminder light. Thanks again.

  3. Canned air is definitely not recommended. Use a vacuum cleaner instead!!

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