Addendums to the Rules

I really hope the weather starts to pick up, otherwise I’m going to spend the first part of Me-Made-May wearing a pair of Me Made long johns.

I realized I was missing two important caveats from my former list of rules for the next month.
– hoodies & sweaters. I think I’ve made most of my hoodies, or there’s that old one I embroidered birds on. But there are a few that are store bought and I’m allowed to wear those too. Anything that I add to an outfit to try to keep me warm is okay.
– I have a shit-ton of yardwork to do and I’d really prefer to not be hunkered in the dirt in one of my fancy frocks. If I’m working in the yard, I can wear jeans.

In other news, the Simplicity 2443 dress is kicking my ass. Looks like I’m not the only one. I’ve cut out Simplicity 2403 and plan to start it this weekend. I’m trying to do all my prep work during the week, saving the weekend for sewing.


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