#27 – Black & White Gingham Dress

L-O-V-E Love

I play the Fiddle in a band and needed a dress that makes me look like a 1930’s sharecropper’s wife in case I ever play a gig. I thought Simplicity 2403 was a good canvas to work with. I’ve used bodice A with the collar and collar stand as well as the sleeves with elastic and the optional tie ends. I increased the bottom of the dress about 5 inches to the side and graded the side seams to make the skirt more of an A line rather than the pencil skirt called for in the pattern.

The directions were really easy to follow and I had no problems putting it together. In fact, assembly only took 5 hours or so. The pattern did call for a wonky order of operations: make bodice, make skirt, attach skirt to bodice, attach sleeves. I attached the sleeves while the bodice was still separate from the skirt because its a lot easier to do so while the dress was in pieces.

All in all, I love love love this dress. I have two shows to go to this month and a shindig and I think this dress will be worn at three of them. I’ve also decided to name the dress “Carolyn” as it looks like something the fabulous Miss Carolyn Mark might wear.

In Me Made May news: I spent a goodly amount of yesterday in my jammies (homemade) while sewing. When I decided to get dressed to run errands I threw on my Smog City Roller Girls (my sister’s old derby team) T-shirt that I 1) made into a raglan and 2) sized down to fit me and a skirt that I made from a failed pair of jeans that I made. I’m still not thrilled with the skirt and I think it will go to goodwill. Photos will follow.


7 responses to “#27 – Black & White Gingham Dress

  1. this dress turned out great! i love the combination of gingham and the red flourishes.

  2. Hi, I found your blog through Me-Made-May, and I love this dress! So cute. Please post of picture of how it looks on.

  3. Hi, I just followed your link from Me-Made-May. I’m adding this pattern to my “to buy” list right now!

  4. Hello, over from Me Made May.

    Love this dress ! black and white sure benefits from a touch of red.

    Nicely done

  5. Ohh cute! love the red belt. I found your blog from the Me-Made-May flickr group too!

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  7. So cute! Love the gingham!

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