Day 4 and that Cynthia Rowley Dress


Wow does this dress need to be taken in a little. I am way skinnier than that. I made this dress two years and about 30 pounds ago from Butterick 5206. I liked the dress so much I made it twice. You’ll see the fraternal twin sometime this month. My husband refers to the dress as my Daphne dress because it looks like something Daphne from Scooby Doo would wear. At least its not Velma.

Suck it, Cynthia

I’m over 2443 so over. I made the bodice not once, but twice. I took out the zipper. I made the bodice longer. I threw out the crappy directions and engineered my own facing. When I put it on it made me looks lumpy, like I was wearing a sack, and (when I shoved a towel in the front) pregnant. I hate this dress. I cannot recommend this dress and I have made some very derogatory comments toward this dress and the designer. Luckily the jacket turned out well and I’m only out about $10.

List update! I completed:
28- Finish przybilla shirt
29- Finish brown yoga pants
16- Marilee’s sweater is progressing nicely. If I put my mind to it, I might have it done in around two weeks.

One response to “Day 4 and that Cynthia Rowley Dress

  1. I have that Butterick 5206 pattern and I’ve been wanting to make it. Love yours!

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