Day 7- Pants!

Today I redeemed myself!

Yeah, I made it.

The pants are McCalls 5894 . I started them about two years ago. I got all the way to where I needed to put on waistband and then for some reason I stopped. They sat in the drawer for two years until last night. Desperate to wear a pair of pants I pulled them out, took them in (a lot!), and slapped on the waistband. The inside of the pants is ugly. Don’t tell my mother.

The Tripwires shirt is one I reconstructed. I think it was a man’s large. Now its a size Jane.

What? You’ve never heard of the fabulous Tripwires? They’re from Ballard, Washington and one of my favorites. They were supposed to play in town this weekend, but the club they were playing screwed up. Again. (Something in a) Friday Night is on their myspace now and is really good.

I’m very happy for the weekend. I’ve got some big plans to sew a few t-shirts. Re-thread and re-balance my serger (gag!). And more pants! I’ve finally dropped enough weight to make Simplicity 3850 using some denim I picked up the other day at JoAnn’s for about $10.

Me Made May is going really well and is lots of fun. I’m having such a good time looking through the Flikr Group. I’m so inspired!


One response to “Day 7- Pants!

  1. The red pants are awesome. That’s the good thing about MMM, you get to the stage where you start pulling out all those unfinished projects just so you have something else to wear.

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