fallin’ off the wagon

Forgive me Me-Made-Mayers for I have sinned, it has been six days since I wore a store bought item. Thursday I work up both cold and late for work so I grabbed the first acceptable outfit from the closet. It included a (gasp!) store bought skirt. While that is totally within the boundaries of my rules, I still feel guilty.

Shame Shame, I know your name

The shirt, however, I did make myself. The pattern is McCall’s 5929. I made it last fall knowing I would need something to wear for playing gigs. I wanted something indie rock chic and I think I accomplished it. This is the best plaid I’ve ever found. I seem to remember having some trouble with the sleeve bands and having to retry them a few times. Not because the pattern was weird, but because I’ve got some beefy arms.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good skirt pattern? Let me rephrase that, I’m looking for a pattern for a jeans skirt. Five pocket, front fly, you know your standard issue jeans skirt.

Also, does anyone know where to get really good plaid? The stuff at JoAnn’s and the other stores around town always makes me think of old ladies. I want awesome plaid.

Finally, does anyone know how to use the self timer on a Casio Exilim camera?

Stay tuned for today’s outfit. It’ll be super cute and entirely self made.


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