Day 8 – Fables of the Reconstruction

Today I decided to wear a reconstructed R.E.M. T-shirt (hence the reference title there) and a pink corduroy A line skirt. The skirt was made from the same pattern I used the other day. I like this skirt because it matches my hair.

Hey! I found the self timer mode!

The shirt is a recent reconstruction. I bought it for my sister when we saw R.E.M. play the Bumbershoot festival in 1999. My sister is lucky and is tiny. But in 1999, the style was to wear clothes that were WAY too big. I remember she had a pair of “twin cannon” pants and the cuffs were 38 inches around. Each.

I digress. The shirt was an XL and eventually she handed it up to me. I’ve been wearing it for years. I wore it to paint the house, and to sleep in, and to do yard work. All the time I’ve been swimming in it. I measured the shirt last weekend. At 24 inches from pit to pit and 25 inches long the shirt was almost square. I used my trusty Built By Wendy pattern and now the shirt fits me!

I’m becoming rather addicted to this process. I fear no big T-shirt is safe.


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