Day 10 – The Most Beautiful Skirt in the World (2007)

I feel better today, out of the uniform (sort of) and wearing normal clothes out in the world.

In 2007, J and I went to see Neko Case. At the show, there was a gal wearing a skirt very similar to this one. I asked her if she had made it, she said no. I thought about it and thought about it and determined I could make that skirt. So I turned to my trusty (say it with me now) A-line pattern and got to work.

I made a facing for the waist and attached it to the outside (that’s the sea green). I lengthened the hem and put the brown fabric at the bottom. The panels took some math. I wound up making trapezoid shaped pieces, folded and pressed under 5/8″ on each side, tried to space them as evenly as I could and sewed them down using a double row of top stitching. I’m sure if I were a quilter, I would have known an easier way to accomplish what I wanted. I get so many accomplishments on the skirt and even traded one to my hairdresser once for a few haircuts.

The top is the Chickadd pattern from Burda Style. I like the style of the top a lot. I wish it were a little longer, that the underbust seam was a little lower, and the sleeves were a little longer. I may make this same brown shirt again keeping those alterations in mind. But its super comfy and I like it. I also think it looks a lot better on me than in this picture my husband took.

I’m excited for tomorrow’s outfit!


One response to “Day 10 – The Most Beautiful Skirt in the World (2007)

  1. Awesome! Don’t you just love that feeling of seeing something you like and being able to make it for yourself?

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