16 & 17- and maybe 15 too

Saturday was an easy day in the sewing room so I wore a white circle skirt edged in blue, green, and orange rick rack. I feel very Viva Mexico in it. I paired it with a Minus 5 T-shirt I silk screened years ago. I didn’t bother to get my picture taken.

Purple boots!

Sunday saw me violating one of my rules and wearing Me Made clothes to do yard work. That’s my reconstructed Joel Pryzbilla shirt since they don’t make his shirts for women. The pants I am in LOVE with. They’reSimplicity 3850. I started cutting them out Saturday around noon and at 6 I had pants! They initially fit perfectly, then they stretched out over the afternoon. Leaving me with saggy britches. Anyone know how to deal with that? I make pants and they always stretch out of shape…

I should mention that I tried the pants on while they were in progress to size them before putting the waistband on. I was really concerned as they seemed really really low rise. I was wearing a pair of huge grandma thunder panties and they were billowing over the top. Attractive. However, the waistband is quite thick and I sewed it with a mere 1/4 inch seam allowance and in the end my tunderpants were covered.

Love this dress!

Today I wore Simplicity 2724. If you look at the front/back views I made the one on the top right. I remember thinking I wouldn’t have enough fabric so the bodice was laid out sideways to the skirt. No one has noticed. I put it on this morning and realized that it was very very similar to Camerias and Crinoline’s day 4 dress that I flipped over.


One response to “16 & 17- and maybe 15 too

  1. I just bought this pattern and am excited to try it out…although with all the other projects in my mind, I might not get to this one until fall! Yours looks really cute and I totally can’t tell that the top is on sideways. 🙂

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