Day 19 – Foux Da Fa Fa

Today’s outfit started with a pair of shoes:

I was in Marshall’s two years ago and saw these and fell in love. I don’t understand them at all, Stars and Crossbones? But I thought they were adorable and I bought them. Then I took them to the fabric store and played Project Runway. I wandered around the store until I saw a pink fabric that caught my eye. I’d place the shoe on top of the fabric and walk away to get the full effect. I found these two fabric on a rack that said “parlez vou francais”

And the final product: last week’s Chickadee Top and the Most Beautiful Skirt in the World (2008)

The Phrase “Parlez Vou Francais” always makes me think of this video. Hence the name:


2 responses to “Day 19 – Foux Da Fa Fa

  1. It is a very beautiful skirt, indeed and your shoes are fabulous.

  2. What a great story to a piece. Love the shoes and the skirt as well. 🙂

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