Day 14 – Music Self Played…

5/23/10 – So this is old, I never realized it didn’t get published…

Friday is casual day at work so I pulled out this outfit.

So that's where 30 pounds goes.

These are, again, McCalls 5894. And again, I made them two years and 30 pounds ago. I think they need to be taken in, or donated and made again. I definitely don’t need to be wearing pant legs that wide. I’m about 5’10 and I think they make me look stumpy.

The T-shirt is an old They Might Be Giants shirt I’ve had for ages. I got it in the fall of 1998, if my memory is correct, at the Bluebird Theater in Denver. I remember going there with best friend Rob and a bunch of his friends. None of us were of age yet and the theater kept shuffling where the under 21 section was going to be. I also remember the band forcing everyone to do the conga and I wound up pretty close to the front.

The shirt is another one that was an XL because that was the style of the time. It did have those black ringers back in the day so I recreated them with some black ribbing. My favorite part of the shirt has always been the back graphic:

It's True!

Which reads “Music Self Played is Happiness Self Made” which is true. It’s also frustration self made, but that’s another story. And with that, I should really go practice my violin for a bit.


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