Day 21 – Saggy Britches

I’ve been keeping up with the challenge but not posting much since I’ve been in reruns. Wednesday I wore my reversible wrap skirt which you too can make as I got the pattern from Craft Zine. How I miss that magazine.

Thursday I wore my Black and White Gingham Dress. And Saturday I didn’t feel that well so I stuck to yoga pants and my Jay Farrar recon shirt.

Friday is the day I want to talk about. I was so stoked to wear my new Simplicity 3850 pants. I had washed them since I wore them last. Generally speaking I don’t throw jeans in the dryer, but I threw these in hoping they would shrink up a bit. Over the course of the day they stretched out so much that by the end of the day I thought they were going to fall off and leave me standing in the middle of the office in my undies.

Saggy Britches

I’m pretty disappointed. I don’t know how to approach pants now. Do I cut them a size small? But what if I cut them a size small and they don’t stretch? Now i have to remove the waistband and take them in. If I take them in, will the continue to stretch? I really don’t know what to do.

4 responses to “Day 21 – Saggy Britches

  1. Wow. That’s way more stretch than I had imagined from your post on flickr. The fabric has to be the culprit there. Try making the pants in a stable fabric without lyrca or anything stretchy in it.

    You could try taking off the waistband and sew the side seams in closer to the body…and then replace the waistband.

    Double check the pants against the pattern too.

    Pants will stretch a bit, but they definitely shouldn’t stretch that much. I think if you try this with a different fabric you won’t end up feeling so confused. Your sewing looks great, though!!!!

  2. What kind of fabric did you use?

    • It was a denim with a little bit of stretch. Not a lot, or so I thought. A 4 inch square stretches to 4.25 inches if I really pull hard

  3. Thanks for pointing me to the wrap skirt pattern and congratulations for your Me-Made garments. On the subject of stretch, I’ve had to take in the pants I wore on May 30th 3 times. No more stretch jeans for me!

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