August 31 – A few Ground Rules

It seems that every September I try some kind of 30 day challenge. One year it was “Can I give up beer for 30 days?” Answer: yes, but I’m going to drink a shit ton of whiskey. It’s kind of my own personal Lent and the time of the year that I choose.

I had a pretty decadent birthday month. In and Out Burger, Ice Cream Sandwiches the size of your face, and the discovery of Spumoni ice cream to name a few. I feel pretty derailed from my health and fitness quest. The Quest is coming up on it’s 5 year mark and I’d like to go into that next year in the best shape I’ve ever been in.

I’m launching my new 30 day challenge with this blog. I feel that not having to be accountable let’s me get away with a lot of stuff I shouldn’t. September 2012 launches my Health and Fitness 30 day challenge.

Here are the ground rules:

1- J’s birthday and our trip to Seattle do not count. This is not license to go hog wild, but a little indulgence on those days is allowed.

2- I have to go to the gym/exercise 4 days a week. I’m thinking Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Punching the exercise clock on each of these days will earn me a reward of a bowl of ice cream on Saturday nights.

3- I need to make good choices when it comes to food. A week’s worth of good choices will earn me two drinks of a refreshing and adult nature on Saturday night.

4- Tim Ferris says Splenda can affect your digestive bacteria. As I love my sugar-free chocolate macadamia americanos, I’m going to cut out Splenda every other day for the first two weeks and then try to cut it further as the month progresses

5- I’m going to weigh myself every day to be cognizant of the fluctuations happening in my body. I’m also going to get before and after measurements.

6- To be accountable about what I eat, I’m going to post a picture of (almost) everything I put in my mouth for the month of September. Coffee, water, and gum don’t count. My breakfast shake might not count either. Maybe it’ll just be solid food.

I’m sure more rules will pop up over the month, but 6 seems like a good start for now. If you could help me out, I’d appreciate it. Stop by here every few days and make some kind of comment. Knowing that SOMEONE is watching me will help keep me honest and on track.


One response to “August 31 – A few Ground Rules

  1. I’m watching you!!! LOL 🙂

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