Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Except I would never eat pumpkin, because pumpkin is gross.

J was supposed to bring home burritos on Friday, but instead brought home double cheeseburgers and fries from Five Guys. I was cranky from my day and sore from going through both types of PT that afternoon, so I ate the burger. And the fries. And a granola bar. And a glass of beer. I feel very fortunate that on Saturday when I woke up and weighed myself I wasn’t the size of a barn. In fact, my weight didn’t change in either direction. whew.

Saturday I had my breakfast shake and cup of coffee. Then we hit the town for a few estate sales. When we finally got home i had a salad with broccoli slaw, sprouts, some ground turkey, and some good eats slaw dressing:

After that, I hit the gym where I ran for 4 miles. Then back home for a snack of mini peppers and hummus and an egg.

Then, for dinner, fish taco salad. I like the Good Eats Fish Taco Recipe. I don’t make crema like Alton does, instead I mix chipotle pepper into plain greek yogurt.

Then, of course, jello and cottage cheese for dessert.

Because of my indiscretions on Friday night, I didn’t get my bowl of ice cream on Saturday night. I did have a “merlin Margarita” which is lime juice, tequila, and club soda – all slow carb legal.

I began today with my shake and two cups of coffee. I used up the last of the bottles of sugar free chocolate macadamia syrup and sugar free cinnamon vanilla (not mixed together). Rather than open new bottles, I’m going to go Splenda free till next Saturday and see how I do.

I had a bowl of sauteed broccoli slaw with chicken and good eats slaw dressing. I really could eat that sauce on everything. It’s that delicious!

Then I went the park for some kickball! We lost, but I got a run! Now I’m home enjoying a snack of an egg and some of those incredibly salty almonds. I don’t think I’ll be buying them again.

and I think we’ll be having fajitas for dinner.


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