Words that begin with D…

like disappointed, dismayed, disbelief, disheartened, depressed…  well, maybe it’s not that bad.

It’s harder to post without my iPod. I need to be at a computer and my computer at work isn’t right (if we’re counting, this is 3 electronic devices that have crapped on me in one week – although J did manage to fix my car stereo). So, Wednesday I had

  • breakfast shake
  • standard eggs
  • leftover chicken thai pepper stuff with cauliflower rice
  • and egg and some nuts
  • chili:

I also went to the gym yesterday where I ran over 5000 steps!

I got up this morning, hopped on the wii fit and I weigh… exactly what I did yesterday. I realize these things take time, but I hoped that as I’m nearing the halfway point of this challenge I’d see some progress. I feel stagnant, which is why I started the challenge. I’ve been at this for almost five years. I feel like I have the right intention. I’m going to the gym and running and lifting weights. I’m making good choices when it comes to food (I can count the “Bad” things I’ve had this month on one hand). I’m NOT eating candy coated butter… but the weight just won’t come off.

I should point out that I really only have about 10 pounds to lose to reach my goal. Don’t they always say the last 10 pounds are the hardest? I don’t want to be some little stick girl you could break over your knee, I just want to be able to buy a pair of pants without crying. And I don’t want to jiggle.

Enough with the wallowing. Today I ate exactly what I ate yesterday. I haven’t had any splenda since Sunday. I haven’t noticed any difference in, um, digestive output so I don’t know if I’m going to continue down this road. Or, I’m going to give it another week to see. I don’t have enough data yet. Tomorrow I may try, emphasis on try, to drink my americano black.

I’ve decided to move my “good choices reward night” aka “cheat meal” to Friday this week. Since I’m planning on going to the Gym Saturday I can work off any of the damage then. I made J some cornbread to go with that chili, so I’m going to have a slice of that. Plus some ice cream (hope I can find pistachio at the store) and a vodka and soda.  I’ve also decided that next week I’m going to give up my favorite dessert of Jello and Cottage Cheese, just to see what will happen. Then the last week of the challenge I’m going 100% slow carb, following the rules to a T.

All right, back on the horse. Allons-y Alonso!





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