About Jane’s 30 Day Challenge

The challenge is as follows:

1 – Exercise – I slacked on gym time a lot in August. So the challenge there is exercise 4 times a week for the month of September. I’m running each time, then trying to incorporate some resistance work. The plan is: dead lifting early in the week, some arm and shoulder stuff mid week (hopefully before all the physical therapy appointments) and if the Doctor will let me, Kettlebell swings on the weekend.

2 – Diet – I’ve been following the Slow Carb Diet for about a year now. One of the things you get on the diet is a “cheat day.” For every 6 days you’re on the diet, you get one off where you can eat whatever you want. The idea is you’re less likely to cheat during the week if you know you can have something in just a few days and it somehow challenges your metabolism. I think I’ve been going too overboard on the “whatever you want” part. Instead of an entire cheat day, I’m just giving myself a bowl of ice cream on Saturday nights.

One of the rules of the diet is “Eat the same few meals over and over again, especially for breakfast and lunch” – hence the eggy mush.

3- Be Accountable and Make Good Choices – Which is where the pictures and the blog come in. The idea is you’re more likely to make a good choice about what to eat if you have to take a photo of it. There’s an article here that explains it in more words. The short version of it: “One volunteer told the researchers: ‘I had to think more carefully about what I was going to eat because I had to take a picture of it. I was less likely to have a jumbo bag of M&Ms. It curbed my choices. It didn’t alter them completely but who wants to take a photo of a jumbo bag of M&Ms?” And for me, the more people that I know could be seeing those photos, the bigger the stakes if I cheat or fail.

4 – Sugar Substitutes – I’ve wondered for awhile if your brain perceives things that are sugary as actually being sugar. Does my body act the same way regardless of the stimulus? Also, I hear splenda affects your digestive bacteria and that some people who have cut out splenda see weight loss when they’ve plateaued. So I’m trying to wean myself off the Splenda. It’s not going so well.

and finally 5 – Get Nerdy With It
I’m looking at all of this as one huge experiment with several variables that I need to collect data on. I’m weighing myself every day and got “before” measurements taken. At the end of the month I’m going to get “after” measurements and see what has changed and how I can apply what I’ve learned to the coming months.


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