Quickly, in review

Tuesday I decided to skip the gym so I could get off work early so I could go to the grocery. I’m going to make up that day at the gym this afternoon. Also, if you’re keeping track, my car stereo decided to quit on me. Two electronic devices in two days. Luckily, J was able to get it going again.

  • Breakfast Shake
  • Standard Eggs
  • broccoli slaw/chicken/good eats sauce
  • egg and mixed nuts for snack – got new nuts at the store. Delicous and less salty. Packaged in bulk which is risky for me. No portion control means game on. Will have to portion them out and stick to the portion
  • Dinner was Red Curry Chicken – a recipe Jen got from Food Day a few months back – has potential, needs work. Over cauliflower “rice”

Two days without Splenda hasn’t been that hard. Haven’t noticed any difference in anything though




Broken iPod

I took my ipod with the cracked screen to the guy in the mall who was supposed to fix it for me. I came home with a paperweight. So, no photos today. besides, you’re not missing much

  • breakfast shake
  • second breakfast: Yogurt & Marionberries
  • elevenses : standard eggs
  • luncheon: leftover fajitas
  • afternoon tea: hard boiled egg
  • dinner: broccoli slaw with good eats dressing and chicken

Boy howdy, do I need to go to the grocery. and maybe get a new iPod


I really don’t get it

How is my weight up this morning? And I mean up, up. It’s not like I’m eating candy coated butter. I’m 10 days into my challenge and my weight is higher than when I started. I know weight is nothing but a number and all kinds of factors go into it, but it’s a good indicator.

The only culprit I can think of is those incredibly salty almonds. Looks like I won’t be eating them again any time soon. Or ever again.

It’s Fajita Time!


I could live on fajitas. I really could. These were excellent. One of the green peppers I had in the fridge looked pretty sad, so I used some of the mini peppers. as well as an onion. I marinated them in this recipe – I left out the liquid smoke – and then cooked them in a cast iron skillet along with the marinade. By the time the marinade cooked off, all I was left with was deliciousness. I used the same marinade for the chicken, and cooked the chicken in the marinade too. I added the tiniest sprinkling of cheddar cheese and a whisper of sour cream. Awesome.

Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Except I would never eat pumpkin, because pumpkin is gross.

J was supposed to bring home burritos on Friday, but instead brought home double cheeseburgers and fries from Five Guys. I was cranky from my day and sore from going through both types of PT that afternoon, so I ate the burger. And the fries. And a granola bar. And a glass of beer. I feel very fortunate that on Saturday when I woke up and weighed myself I wasn’t the size of a barn. In fact, my weight didn’t change in either direction. whew.

Saturday I had my breakfast shake and cup of coffee. Then we hit the town for a few estate sales. When we finally got home i had a salad with broccoli slaw, sprouts, some ground turkey, and some good eats slaw dressing:

After that, I hit the gym where I ran for 4 miles. Then back home for a snack of mini peppers and hummus and an egg.

Then, for dinner, fish taco salad. I like the Good Eats Fish Taco Recipe. I don’t make crema like Alton does, instead I mix chipotle pepper into plain greek yogurt.

Then, of course, jello and cottage cheese for dessert.

Because of my indiscretions on Friday night, I didn’t get my bowl of ice cream on Saturday night. I did have a “merlin Margarita” which is lime juice, tequila, and club soda – all slow carb legal.

I began today with my shake and two cups of coffee. I used up the last of the bottles of sugar free chocolate macadamia syrup and sugar free cinnamon vanilla (not mixed together). Rather than open new bottles, I’m going to go Splenda free till next Saturday and see how I do.

I had a bowl of sauteed broccoli slaw with chicken and good eats slaw dressing. I really could eat that sauce on everything. It’s that delicious!

Then I went the park for some kickball! We lost, but I got a run! Now I’m home enjoying a snack of an egg and some of those incredibly salty almonds. I don’t think I’ll be buying them again.

and I think we’ll be having fajitas for dinner.

Born of Frustration

I had a miserable day at work full of rotten people and stupid cock ups. So I forgot to take pictures. I had:

  • breakfast shake
  • americano with sugar free cinnamon vanilla syrup
  • standard eggs, but with broccoli instead of spinach
  • leftover tortilla soup
  • an egg for a snack

I did both kinds of arm treatments today. Both Active Release and Myofascial Release and now my arm hurts. J is under orders to bring home burritos for dinner (which I will eat the guts of, but not the tortilla)





I just weighted myself and my weight is up. Like, UP up. Higher than it’s been in awhile and I don’t know what has caused that. The suspects

1- Almond Flour from the chicken strips. I doubt this as I saw almond flour listed on a lot of paleo sites

2- Hormones – always a possibility

3- I’ve always wondered if there was a sort of “proofing effect” that happens after cheat days. I had white carbs wednesday night and my weight was up Thursday Morning. Who’s to say they were done doing their damage by 4am? Maybe those carbs hang out and keep absorbing water and nastiness and don’t get the hint that they’re not wanted. Now, this is just a theory, but it’s one of the reasons I’m experimenting with changing the way I look at cheat days.

Regardless, the damage is done. I’m going to keep a positive attitude and go about my day and hope I get better numbers in the morning.